I’m a Virgin!

Lybra - Spring Necklace - Blues  v2_001

Well, not really but it feels that way. Today Natzuka Miliandrovic asked me to blog a necklace for Lybra. Naturally, I responded that I don’t even have a blog. Then I corrected myself that I actually have one but hadn’t put anything in it because well…it is scary. I somehow forgot Natz really knows me and my procrastination well, and she offered the kick I needed in order to actually ~do~ something. Without further ado, here it is…my virgin entry.

With the first breaths of spring comes the need to throw off the dark colors and heavy fabrics of winter, and with that we of course need new jewelry and guess what! Lybra has a new necklace: fun and light and perfect for all the pastels of the season so what are you waiting for?

Well, I would offer a taxi, but I don’t know how yet…but still run to Lybra and get in gear for  spring!

Jewelry – !:Lybra:!  Spring necklace – Blues

By Sienna Bellios